Emily Williams

Greenville, NC

Growing up in Atlanta, I spent most of my early twenties bouncing between Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. I was diagnosed with migraine at 18 years old, but they did not become chronic until 2012. I have been a migraine sufferer for over 30 years, and chronic for the past 6 years.

Before coming “chronic” I enjoyed all sorts of adventures including hiking, kayaking and camping. Since being diagnosed, I have had to greatly alter my life to manage the over 15 migraine attacks that I have a month. On top of being a full time mom, I manage my migraine pain on a daily basis. I am lucky to be married to a wonderful husband for almost 15 years, who is willing to step in and help out when my attacks become completely debilitating.

Last year, after a 10 day stay in an inpatient migraine program, I decided to open up my life and heart to helping others in my situation. I started my Instagram account in January 2019. After years of doctors, tests, alternative treatments and physical therapy, I felt pulled to open my heart and soul to create and share my REAL life experiences in an effort to reach others within the chronic pain community. My hope is through my experiences I am able to create community and serve as an advocate, friend, and supporter for those suffering with migraine and other chronic conditions.