Eric Tozer


Eric Tozer, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2006, strives to inspire those affected by diabetes through sports and utilizes his athletic accomplishments, such as running across America and Ironman triathlon races, as a platform to be a role model in the diabetes community.


In 2015 he co-founded Diabetes Sports Project; an organization built to inspire. Led by a group of world class athletes who thrive with diabetes, their stories, athletic accomplishments and community outreach empower others to live healthy, responsible and active lives. Collectively, they have run across America (10 man T1D relay in 15 days), qualified for the Ironman World Championship, the Boston Marathon, the USA Olympic Trials, summited Mt Everest, represented Team USA at the Triathlon World Championships, and much more!  The T1d athlete ambassadors use their accomplishments as a platform to educate and inspire as they speak at diabetes camps, children's hospitals, support groups, industry conferences. Through sharing their personal stories and extensive knowledge-base of managing T1D and sports, they provide insight, guidance, education and inspiration to those affected by diabetes.