Florence Séjourné

Florence Séjourné is an entrepreneur with a passion for life sciences, eager to bring groundbreaking innovation to patients. She is the CEO of Da Volterra, a Paris-based biotech company that develops novel Microbiota Protective Therapies inspired by the vision of a renowned microbiologist, Prof. Antoine Andremont. Its most advanced product, DAV132, is a novel and unique oral phase 2-stage product designed to fight the damaging effects of antibiotics on the intestinal microbiota. It is expected to have important benefits in patients with cancer, the gut microbiome being a major modulator of immunosurveillance of cancer.

Florence graduated from Mines Paritech and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has 20 years of experience in successful entrepreneurial ventures. She co-founded GENFIT, a leading public biotech company innovating in metabolic and liver disease (NASH). She has demonstrated her capacity to set up and lead a highly professional organization from early research drug discovery to late-stage clinical development and market access, and has established numerous fruitful business development and fundraising deals. Many of Florence’s family members and friends have been diagnosed with cancer, and she is motivated to identify new ways to improve treatment and quality of life for those affected.