Genevieve Springer, PhD

Founder and CEO 

Genevieve C. Springer has a B.S. in Education, a Minor in Violin performance; a M.S. in Leadership and Policy from Vanderbilt University; and is now in the dissertation phase of her doctoral degree in Public and International Affairs. Her research interests hover at the intersection of democratic accountability, justice, public agency performance, and equitable health and social policy across regions. Professionally, she has served as project manager at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College, an educator in both public and private schools teaching and designing interventions for at-risk youth, a researcher, humanitarian, and team leader. Grateful to be raised in a supportive close-knit family of creative entrepreneurial spirits. Genevieve in recent years has become increasingly and unapologetically driven to pursue goals that only call upon those skills and strengths meaningfully supported by her natural inclinations to create innovative lifesaving solutions. Genevieve’s most cherished leisure time is spent with her son Mateo, parents Terry and Bob, and Pitbull Susie in Chapel Hill, N.C.