Håkan Åström, Med.Dr.h.c.

Dr. Åström is a Board Member of Rhenman&Partners Asset Management, Karo Pharma AB and Chairman of the Board of PledPharma AB. Previously he has led Astra Pharmaceuticals UK, Baxter Sweden and global operations within Kabi, Pharmacia and Pharmacia&Upjohn. He was CEO of KabiPharmacia during the acquisition of FarmItalia CarloErba. He has extensive experience in M&A and from leading global sales and marketing, manufacturing and R&D organizations. Åström has been Chairman of Affibody AB and Ferrosan AS. He has led several IPOs including Biovitrum/SOBI, Orexo and PledPharma. He has been Vice Chairman of Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and member of the Novo Advisory Group.