Harry Clifford

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer 

Harry is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Cambridge Cancer Genomics. He leads CCG’s tech team of AI researchers, data scientists and bioinformaticians to conduct innovative R&D and develop underlying tumour analysis pipelines and cloud architecture of CCG’s smart genomics systems. Harry has a PhD in bioinformatics from Oxford University and experience in postdoctoral roles, including at Cambridge University with Cancer Research UK; and in the biopharma industry, where he worked on developing biomarker-based medical diagnostics. As a researcher at CRUK, Harry came to realise the disparity between cancer research and available care. This truly hit home when, in 2016, a close friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer at 21, with all standard treatment options exhausted. His greatest aim in the work he does now is to bring all the amazing new treatment ideas seen in research, into the clinic.