Jaden Hyungseok Chang, PhD 

Founder and CEO 

Jaden Chang currently serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ZTI Biosciences, a leading radiopharmaceutical nanoplatform company headquartered in Indiana. In this role, he oversees the company’s business operations and investment management strategies. 

Prior to his current position, Jaden held a postdoctoral fellowship at the BSAC Research Center, UC Berkeley, specializing in organic semiconductors. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemical and Bio Engineering from Seoul National University, during which time he authored 33 research papers and filed for several patents. Notably, his research focused on the development of nanoparticles, which now form the cornerstone of ZTI’s technology platform. He spearheaded groundbreaking research initiatives, laying the foundation for ZTI’s pioneering work in nanoparticle-based radiopharmaceuticals. 

Before he found ZTI, Jaden gained invaluable experience as a Research Senior Engineer at Samsung Display, where he honed his skills in applying scientific knowledge to large-scale nano-semiconductor technologies. 

Currently, Jaden’s primary focus areas include Radiopharmaceuticals, Nano-Biotechnology, Nano medicine, Nano Engineering, Materials, Chemical Engineering, and Peptide Engineering. Under his leadership, ZTI is actively pursuing IND approval for their flagship radiopharmaceutical ZTI-201A, leveraging over 15 years of dedicated research and development.