Jakob Dahl Thomsen

Co-founder and CEO 

Jakob Dahl Thomsen is co-founder and CEO of Dukada Ltd., a Danish company established in 2012 that produces add-ons for insulin pens. “Dukada” is a contraction of “Yes, you can” in Danish. The mission is to make life with diabetes easier, based on user experience. Jakob has been living with T1D for more than 40 years. Besides the present responsibilities for Dukada, he has worked both as independent lawyer and as diplomat for the Danish Foreign Service with postings on several locations around the world. User inputs from these changing environments have inspired the development of the Dukada products. A network of people living with diabetes contributes to the Dukada concept development. On the technical level, Dukada is assisted by, amongst others,¬†experts connected to the Science and Technology Park at the Technical University of Denmark.