Johnnie J. Refvik

CEO & Founder 

Johnnie J. Refvik a New Yorker and graduate of SUNY Buffalo has spent the past decade and a half growing his telecommunications company from a startup into a nationwide service provider for the largest wireless carriers.  In 2009, Johnnie learned he had become a Type 1 Diabetic after a tragic loss of a loved one.  After a few years of exploring different management techniques and utilizing every glucometer on the market, Johnnie found himself frustrated with the multiple supplies, meters, insulin pens and carrying kits. As an entrepreneur and a New Yorker, life has to be quick and easy and being a young diabetic with outdated technology and multiple supplies/kits didn’t make it so quick nor easy.  It was then he had the AH HA moment and developed The SugarCube. The SugarCube is a Bluetooth enabled glucose testing kit that supports insulin delivery and communicates with its SugarCube mobile app.  With The SugarCube Kit and App, he hopes to change the way diabetics manage their condition to improve their quality of life. He set out to make this change not only for himself, but also for the same people struggling to balance diabetes and everyday life.