Jonathan Politzki

Co-Founder & CEO 

Jonathan Politzki is a senior at the University of Illinois studying engineering and finance. Growing up, his grandfather suffered from CKD and this left a lasting impression on him. His passion for healthcare and solving problems led him to work in healthcare M&A with SVB Leerink and to ultimately found Nephra, a startup focused on providing peace of mind for patients with CKD. Nephra is an early-stage med-tech startup that is developing predictive, non-invasive electrolyte monitoring software that can be utilized to alert dialysis patients and their physicians about abnormal electrolyte values so that emergency dialysis sessions or appropriate medication intervention can be initiated before it’s too late. By increasing the rate of monitoring of these key electrolytes from once a month to once a day, Nephra will play a vital role in working to reduce cardiac-related mortality for dialysis patients but is also pioneering personalized care and wellness-oriented technology in the dialysis field. Jonathan has also founded an algorithmic trading fund called Quant, which is now partnered with Meta, Robinhood, DE Shaw, and Citadel.