Karl Blohm, PhD

Karl is a senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in managing international business operations. Improving diagnostics and treatment of cancer has been the major theme throughout his entire career. He started in the early 1990s at Siemens Medical developing PET imaging from research to clinical practice maturity. He then played a key role in successfully launching the CyberKnife, providing a very effective radiosurgical option for cancer treatment.

SafeHeal was founded in 2015 by MDSTART, a Paris-based incubator. Its Colovac device aims to avoid the need for a diverting ostomy in patients undergoing colectomy. Karl joined SafeHeal in 2017 and leads SafeHeal into bringing the Colovac device to market and allowing patients to significantly improve their recovery from colorectal surgery. Karl has multiple family members who have been affected by cancer. Karl holds a PhD in Elementary Particle Physics from the University of Paris.