Kate Milliken

Founder of Moodify 
My Counter Pane

For five years, Kate Milliken has been immersed in the personal stories of people living with chronic illness as the founder of MyCounterpane, an online platform that allows patients and caregivers to lay out their personal moments and connect to others who get it. The venture began when Kate was diagnosed with MS in 2006. Kate saw a need for moment-based authentic content of what it was like to actually live with an illness, where every entry was tagged with an emotion to make it immediately helpful and easily searchable for people in need of finding others to relate to. MyCounterpane aimed to demonstrate insights and prove outcomes in the emotional realm of health, healing people through the story of them in the process. Kate will continue this work with Moodify, a 2.0 version of MyCounterpane.


Pre-MS, Kate founded Milligrace Productions, a video production company specializing in mini documentaries for private, corporate and non-profit clients. She has worked in television for more than 15 years, off camera as a producer for the View and VH-1 and as a correspondent in alternative sports (such as snowboarding, mountain biking and monster trucks) where she worked for Fox Sports NET, TNT, TNN the Outdoor Life Network and Oxygen.


Kate lives in Bronxville, New York with her husband and two young children, an 8-year-old son who works to throw 3-pointers on a basketball court like Steph Curry and a 6-year-old daughter who wages a daily battle against the hairbrush.