Kimberly Irvine

Kimberly Irvine is a two-time breast cancer survivor, author, and CEO and Founder of Kimberly Jewett Consulting, Inc. KJC provides strategic guidance and insight from a patient and care-partner perspective to pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, ensuring the patient voice is centric in the landscape of product development and commercialization, while collaborating with patient advocacy groups as valued partners. Irvine received her initial diagnosis when she was only 31 years old, and again at 35. Currently, doctors have declared her disease-free. Irvine is a passionate patient advocate and thought leader in the oncology space – educating, inspiring and empowering other patients, care-partners, and their support community to “be their own best advocates.” Irvine attributes her survivorship to her strong faith, hope, and resilience to overcome adversity.