Kishore Pardasani

Kishore Pardasani is CEO and Founder of OstoBuddy, a simple, but powerful and convenient mobile platform for managing ostomy supplies, usage, output and health. Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 20 years ago, Kishore has since undergone numerous surgeries including removal of his colon in 2009.  He was underwhelmed with the lack of technology solutions available to help ostomates manage their condition and devoted his time to develop OstoBuddy. The app has received accolades from high-profile bloggers as well as medical institutions and is being used globally to empower patients after life-changing surgery. Kishore is thrilled to have had the opportunity to donate his time to help the kids’ ostomy clinic in Kenya.

Kishore earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami in Computer Engineering and has over a decade of experience in Enterprise Customer Experience software sales. He is originally a native of Barbados where he met his wife and has since settled in Florida. In his free time, Kishore enjoys playing sports, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with family.