Linda Lusis

VP of Strategic Partnerships 

Linda has spent over 20 years in the healthcare industry working with several leading technology companies. She has used her experience, leadership and a collaborative approach to human and health services to work alongside her clients to deliver innovative digital health solutions to patients. As a member of the leadership team at Mozzaz, Linda has been instrumental in the company’s growth and mission to bring digital health to individuals with complex care needs by establishing relationships with health plans and providers. Linda is also active with community mental health and social services and has served as board member in non-profit organizations dealing with complex care healthcare delivery.

Since joining Mozzaz in 2013, Linda has played many roles including VP of Client Success, demonstrating her commitment and dedication to helping healthcare providers deliver services that maximize their clients’ abilities to live independently and to support them on their journey. Additionally, Linda serves as VP of Strategic Partnerships, helping partners like CVS Health bring virtual care to their members to improve engagement and promote better outcomes across the populations they serve. Linda also works closely with Mozzaz strategic partners like Microsoft, leveraging the channel and her relationships to foster account expansion in new LOB areas.