Lisa Smith

Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders
Del Mar, California

Lisa Smith is an IACPRC Certified Recovery Coach, SHE RECOVERS® Coach, speaker, consultant, and former practicing lawyer and law firm executive. She is the author of the acclaimed memoir, Girl Walks Out of a Bar. The book recounts her descent into and recovery from “high-functioning” alcohol and cocaine addiction in big New York City law firms. Lisa’s story launched her to the forefront of the movement to advance wellbeing in the legal profession. She is passionate about smashing the stigma around mental health and substance abuse disorders so that more people are comfortable asking for the help they need. Lisa speaks frequently at law firms and other organizations on these issues. She consults with firms to structure and implement wellbeing initiatives that are both meaningful and practical. As a recovery coach, Lisa helps clients define and work toward achieving goals to support recovery and improve their personal and professional lives. She also co-hosts the podcast, Recovery Rocks, an inclusive discussion of issues affecting people in all kinds of recovery.