Lorenzo Pradella, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO 

Lorenzo is the Co-Founder & CEO of GreenBone Ortho srl, a startup founded in 2014 to develop a highly innovative wood-derived, biomimetic and re-absorbable bone implants to repair critical defects in load load bearing and non-loaded bones. Lorenzo has a background in Pharmacology and Business in Innovation, with more than 25 years experiences in R&D, Business Development and Venture Capital. He held various senior positions in multinational companies such as Zambon Group SpA and Cardinal Health Inc. General Manager of Zcube srl (Research Venture of Zambon Group) from 2008, Lorenzo established collaborations and investments with major universities hubs in Europe, United States and Israel, as well as with Mission Bay Capital and the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3), headquartered on the UCSF Mission Bay campus. Board member of biotech start-ups, including SuppreMol GmbH acquired by Baxter International Inc. in 2015. President of Italy HealthCare Licensing Group (Italy HLG) 2010-2014.