Marc Ramer

Founder and Advisor 

Marc is a biomedical engineer with a 23-year career in medical device R&D. He has led multiple product development programs at both large companies and startups including stents, stent grafts, cerebrovascular coils, synthetic heart valves, and laparoscopic surgical devices, among others.

Marc’s immediate and extended family suffer from IBD, including his father, his son, and himself. He invented Regentys’ core technology and founded the company in an effort to leverage an existing, proven technology to the treatment of IBD. Marc founded Regentys to commercialize ExtraCellular Matrix Hydrogel, a product that creates a favorable environment for the body to grow new tissue in place of diseased or damaged tissue. He has eight US patents, including one for Regentys’ core technology, several publications, and a history of speaking engagements at conferences and universities.