Marisa Barbieri

CEO and Digital Health Solutions Architect 

Marisa Barbieri is the CEO and Digital Health Solutions Architect at Competitive Solutions, a healthcare technology company based in New York, with over 20 years of healthcare IT technology solutions experience in the consulting industry. At Competitive Solutions, she has designed and developed PeerRX, a tool to accelerate and streamline peer support deployment for substance user disorder patients in order to increase peer recovery engagement. Marisa developed the product in direct response to the loss of a family friend from an overdose. After seeing him struggle as a young 27-year old, she saw the need for the development of an Uber-like technology to connect those battling with addiction to other survivor peers. PeerRX was born 2 years following her family friend’s death, in his memory, and with the hope of saving the lives of others struggling with substance use disorder. Marisa holds an MS in Computer Science / Telecommunications Management from NYU’s Polytechnic School of Engineering.