Matt Garrett

Chronic Illness, Mental Health

Matt is a 33 year old Navy Vet. In the Navy, he was part of a team of first responders to the Fukushima-Daichi Power plant melt down after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan 2011. After this exposure due to the nuclear melt down, he began to experience a myriad of health problems that have largely been a mystery until the past few years when he was diagnosed with lyme disease, mold toxicity, and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). 
Before he was diagnosed, Matt always said that he would be the loudest person on the internet, so that if anyone else was in his shoes, they would be able to find the answers that he spent years and countless doctors visits trying to find. 
Matt started his Instagram account @chronicallymindfulmatt to educate others about chronic illness, and to help foster a community with others who share his struggles. He also talks about mental health issues and sobriety, as he has been sober for 4 years now. Before and during his worst pain symptoms, Matt started leaning heavily on mindfulness, breath work, and meditation, which he credits heavily with helping him get through some of the darkest days. Along with other topics, he talks about mindfulness and the power of taking care of your mental health.  
Matt and his partner Emily moved to Colorado from Washington state in 2019 when they found out he had mold toxicity. They live with their dog Polar, and two cats, Sammie and Salem, along with a few rogue plant babies that they try really hard to keep alive.