Ashraf Dehlawi, PhD


Ashraf Dehlawi, Ph.D, is a seasoned biopharma executive with a degree in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Sciences from King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and a Master’s in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics coupled with a Doctorate of Business Administration in Finance from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. He has extensive experience in quality management system design and implementation, product development, regulatory affairs, and clinical operations, demonstrated through leadership roles at Abbott Laboratories, Diagnostics Divisions, TuHURA Biosciences (Morphogenesis Inc.) and consultancy for SaudiVax. Dehlawi has contributed significantly to the biopharma sector, securing Orphan Drug and Fast Track and Accelerated Approval Designations for key products, and fostering international collaborations. His work supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, focusing on innovation and sustainable growth in the biopharma and diagnostics industries.