Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan is a Former VP of Digital Equipment Corporation, Conner Peripherals, Inc., Gold Star Products Company LTD (LG), and a Former Board Member of the publicly traded SpaceTec IMC, Northland Cranberries, Inc., Lab Tech Corporation, and Catalina Lighting Corporation. To the surprise and shock of friends, family, and coworkers, Pat began the shift from a fast-rising career to the fight for his life at the age of 38, living and surviving with heart failure. For seventeen years, Pat lived a very good life and kept himself busy enough to keep mentally and physically stable, despite heart health ups and downs. Ultimately, due to an error in a fairly routine surgical procedure to correct AF, he underwent open-heart surgery to install a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) and began the long road of a life with an LVAD and testing for transplant listing. His heart transplant miraculously occurred the day before Thanksgiving on November 21, 2012. During his stay in the hospital, and months before his transplant, Pat met his “heart brother” in Bob Romer. Bob and Pat talked daily about how, if they survived, they would give back. The HeartBrothers concept developed out of these conversations and the two are acting on their dreams. Pat is now focused on his new mission in life – the HeartBrothers Foundation – and helping others going through a similar fate.