Philippe Halfon, MD, PhD, PharmD

CEO and Founder 

Philippe Halfon, MD, PhD, PharmD, is known as an opinion leader in virology. In 2001, he founded Genoscience Pharma, a biotech company. After his father passed away from a bladder cancer, he has committed to research in oncology. Today, the company is completing a phase 1b with a small molecule, GNS561, targeting the lysosomal compartment in cancer cells and cancer stem cells.

Beside Genoscience Pharma, Philippe has also created a medical laboratory, where he developed a molecular genetic platform dedicated to the screening of molecular and genetic mutations and aberrations to better evaluate prognosis in cancer patients.

Philippe is committed to shifting the cancer paradigm by developing new agents addressing a high unmet medical need. His strategy and innovation were recently acknowledged twice: Genoscience Pharma was awarded the Most Innovative Biotech SME in Healthcare in 2018 and was awarded a grant by Merck in the Biotech Advance Program.