Phyllisa Deroze


I began blogging in 2011 after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. My diagnosis was shocking because I found out after passing out in my tub for hours and slipping into a diabetic coma. Blogging was the easiest way to let my friends and family know what I was going through because I didn’t have the emotional energy to tell it over and over again. I was scared, confused, and clueless. I didn’t know that soon I would be one of the most prominent African American Type 2 bloggers in the world. What an outstanding honor and achievement.

The following year, I created this website, Black Diabetic Info, to help provide culturally competent information to black people after having more than enough run-ins with medical personnel who were not culturally sensitive to my needs.

Over the years, my joy of telling all people about my life living with Type 2 diabetes has resulted in me being featured on “DSMA Live” (a weekly diabetes online radio show), Health Monitor Diabetes Magazine, Huffington Post Live, and Diabetes Focus magazine.

I am a proud vessel to be used to help inspire others who may be living with diabetes.