Romy Antoine

With a passion for health and wellness, 10 years of professional experience in fitness and health coaching, and current research on health equity, Romy Antoine began his career in 2012 by creating a science-backed fitness media company, RippedNFit. Romy holds a degree in Biology and Exercise Science from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and was able to use his fitness knowledge to dispel myths and communicate to subscribers and followers how to improve their lifestyles and manage any chronic conditions. Over the course of 5 years, he grew the website to gain the attention of over 250,000 monthly viewers.

Romy also worked as a personal trainer and health coach with clients who were either diabetic or pre-diabetic and received additional education on management strategies to help clients come off their medication. At the beginning of his personal training career, Romy worked at gyms in low-income areas and had the opportunity to train clients dealing with multiple chronic conditions.

Romy continued to build RippedNFit, but also took on community roles with non-profits such as Proceed Inc, where he worked with preschool-aged children and their families on how to increase activities at home and how to eat for better health. Through these roles as well as through some of his consulting positions, Romy started to see the disparities, impact of health education, and lack of high-quality access for lower income individuals. Romy helped the San Antonio American Heart Association by doing local outreach to provide blood pressure screens and nutritional advice at Black Churches and the YMCA.

As Romy continued to improve personal wellness, he found an opportunity in corporate wellness by providing workshops for companies. Drawing on his second passion for technology and artificial intelligence, this opportunity eventually led Romy to create technology to support these employees, which is how One Stop Wellness started. Romy has spoken at countless conferences and received The 2018 Young Wellness Professional Award by the National Wellness Institute. He also published a book titled The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Millennials discussing the shifts that would happen in the workplace, all of which came to fruition due to the pandemic.