Sharyn Kreitzer

Founder and Executive Director 

Sharyn Kreitzer has 25 years of experience in the transplant field in both the private sector and VA programs.  She developed a special interest in living kidney donation and has devoted her career to help increase access to living kidney transplants particularly for underserved communities. 

In 2015, Sharyn helped launch the 7th kidney transplant program within the VA Healthcare System.  While there, she realized the tremendous potential to tap into a vast military support system to launch a veteran-centric organ donor awareness program. 

In 2020 Sharyn created Donor Outreach for Veterans, Corps (DOVE)  a nonprofit organization with a mission to facilitate matching altruistic donors with Veterans awaiting transplant in the United States. 

Sharyn’s clinical skills as a former transplant social worker, combined with her many years of experience in outreach, program development and administration has enabled DOVE to thrive in its first two years and has saved the lives of 21 Veterans since its inception.

Sharyn runs DOVE out of her home in Montclair, NJ where she lives with her partner, Thomas, her children, Nathan and Naomi, and their Labrador Retriever, Scout. In the last month, Sharyn has become a living kidney donor. She couldn’t be more proud to join this tremendously special group of people.