Shilo Ben Zeev

CEO & Co-Founder 

Shilo is CEO and co-founder of Smartzyme Biopharma. The company’s Provolution™ technology combines some of the most advanced scientific tools for protein engineering, computational biology and electrochemistry. Smartzyme aims to develop a novel biosensor for subcutaneous continuous glucose reading – The Go Patch GO ™. This device will be more accurate and more cost-effective than current technologies on the market. Shilo was co-founder of LabStyle Innovation, where he served as President and COO. He was responsible for propelling the company’s flagship product “Dario” from inception to reality and led the company’s evolution to a public American company (NASDAQ). He is also co-founder of Emendo Biotherapeutics, developing next generation gene editing tools for genetic disorders, and addressing the current technological gaps for realizing the promise of gene therapy. Finally, Mr. Ben Zeev is Chairman of Mybiotics Pharma, a life science company developing live bacteria-based probiotic products to improve health and quality of life. The company has developed MyCrobe TM – a proprietary innovative live bacteria delivery system.