Sigurjón Lýðsson

CEO + Co-Founder 

Sigurjón Lýðsson’s father has been living with Type 1 diabetes for over 40 years, and Sigurjón noticed that his short term memory has been greatly affected, and increasingly so. His father has injected insulin in front of him, and 5 minutes later asked “Did I inject already? I can’t remember.” Then, in 2010, his father was diagnosed with lung cancer, which then spread to his kidneys, liver, and brain. When Sigurjón spoke to his doctors, they said the treatment might affect his short term memory. This drastically increased the anxiety for everyone in his family, as his insulin pens do not store the injections. Sigurjón started looking for a solution that would help his father, though nothing relevant existed. That’s where the idea of Medilync began. Along with a few colleagues, Sigurjón designed a concept and began working with providers, patients, and family members to verify its utility.