Thomas Kledal, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO 

Driving visions, actions, impact, and collaborations within biotech & life science to discover new opportunities and to develop better treatment opportunities. Entrepreneur, focusing on helping transplant patients live their life again. Synklino strives to provide rapid relief as well as to improve long term survival for transplant recipients by providing fast and safe eradication of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections. Synklino’s drug candidate SYN002 efficiently eliminates both lytic as well as latently infected cells, and thereby potently inhibits viral replication and eradicates the virus – simply taking CMV out of the equation for the transplant recipient.

“I am always working to build and develop the strongest team, for what we are about to accomplish – focusing on our ability to execute our ambitious plans. At the same time relations to people, and working with committed, courageous, and skilled people is the greatest single motivating factor”.