Tim Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder & CEO 

Tim Fitzpatrick is a co-founder and CEO of IKONA Health, a company applying neuroscience, storytelling, and immersive technologies to deliver personalized patient education in kidney care. Tim’s interest in healthcare originated from his own experiences as a patient while serving in the US Navy. After eighteen months filled with several back surgeries and hundreds of painful wound care treatments, Tim became deeply aware of the role uncertainty plays in affecting a patient’s quality of life and overall health outcomes.

Following his recovery, Tim spent two years working as an institutional equities trader for a bank in New York, where he covered publicly traded technology and media companies. It was through this role that he began to see the potential of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality in shaping the future of data visualization and information delivery. Building on his co-founders’ research on clinical applications of virtual reality, Tim launched IKONA Health in early 2017 to help tackle the universal uncertainties faced by patients across the globe.

Tim has served as Principal Investigator for federally funded research grants from the National Science Foundation and Department of Defense, as a member of the Global Leadership Panel for Fight Cancer Global, and as a Venture Partner for New York-based venture capital firm FundRx. He continues to play an active role as a mentor for early-stage digital health entrepreneurs and public health initiatives across the globe.