Tina Clarke


Tina is 43 years old, was born with the genetic disease cystic fibrosis and received a double lung  transplant in 2014. Tina has worked in her passion of bodymind health and wellness for over 20 years  helping hundreds of people with various conditions. She specialises now in Somatic Movement and  Embodiment for trauma, anxiety and stress due to living with chronic illness, cancer or organ  transplant. Tina facilitates online group courses, working with registered charities and other  organisations and does one-on-one coaching for empowering individuals to understand how their  bodymind is affected by their health and medical experiences, and how they can improve their  resilience, emotional balance, anxiety and traumatic stress symptoms through a body based  approach, whilst incrementally improving their relationship with their body, whatever their physical  condition.  

Tina has studied and qualified in Natural Nutrition, Regression Therapy, Yoga, Body Mind Centering,  and is in continuing studies for Body Mind Psychotherapy, Embodiment and Somatic Trauma  Therapy.