Uwe Diegel


Uwe Diegel was a concert pianist until the age of 26. Following an accident that partially restricted movement in his right arm, he started a new career in medical diagnostics, quickly developing a particular interest in chronic diseases such as hypertension, asthma, and diabetes. His intense scientific curiosity has led him not only to develop new technologies in these fields, but also to become interested in medical manufacturing, industrial design, and problems in Asian manufacturing. Uwe Diegel has been at the forefront of international changes in healthcare technology for the last 30 years. His drive and passion for innovative technology have spurred major changes in perception about healthcare.

In 2009, Uwe developed an interest in connected health as a means of providing better patient management. He became involved in iHealth, a platform that takes all the signals of the body and translates them into a meaningful format using smartphones and tablets and served as CEO of iHealthLabs Europe until 2016, when he left to work on the Lifeina project.

Uwe lives in Paris, where he is CEO of HealthWorks Global, CEO of Lifeina, and conducts fundamental research in medical diagnostics. Today, he is considered to be a foremost expert in the fields of blood pressure management, diabetes, asthma, and the manufacturing of medical diagnostics devices. For the last few years, he has spearheaded the dissemination and acceptance of connected health as a tool for providing better solutions for patients.