Walid Al-Akkad


Walid Al-Akkad is an entrepreneur scientist with a background in genetics and tissue engineering and a co-founder of two biotechnology companies. He is the CEO of Orgadel Ltd, whose innovations include topically applied insulin and vaccines. He is also the head of bioengineering and program lead for 3D platforms for oncology and immunotherapy at Engitix Ltd, a company specializing in tissue engineering for disease modelling and regenerative medicine.

Walid kick-started his career at Manchester University, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree with honours in Genetics. He came into his own as an innovator when he moved to London, where during his Master’s degree in nanotechnology and regenerative medicine at University College London (UCL), he pioneered a now patented technique for rapid and effective decellularisation of human tissue. Having developed a taste for translational medicine, he decided to continue further in his academic career and is currently finalizing his Ph.D. in Regenerative Medicine at UCL.