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Overcoming Medical Trauma with IBD

“I remember trying to explain that I wasn’t feeling well and then downplayed it for just being tired because I’m used to doing that.”

The call of disease

The call you will likely hear resound when illness comes is a battle cry. Fight. Beat. Kill or be killed. I heard this cry when disease came my way and I yelled back; “War.” I fought through. I muscled on. I battled. I steeled against. Put on a brave face

Black Lives Matter in the IBD Community, Too

In recent weeks, months and years, we have witnessed far too many hate crimes toward our Black brothers and sisters. It is not unknown to us that many Black bodies have been tested upon without fair pain medications, expected to endure tremendous suffering in the name of science.

The Ick

It’s 2:47 am when I first wake up to rush to the bathroom. As I look in the mirror, under the buzzing glow of the overhead fluorescent lights, I can’t help but feel trapped within my own body. All at once, I feel so confined to my internal reality, yet deep down, I am desperately scratching at the boundaries of my own body.

7 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone with IBD

IBD is a pretty hard thing to deal with. As an invisible illness, people can’t see everything going on inside my body. My body is waging a war against itself and no one can see it when they first look at me. I’ve gotten quite a few reactions when I tell someone about my ulcerative colitis.

“The Latest on IBD & Food” at Epicured, 598 Broadway

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