Chronic Illness  
 June 2, 2021

Me not my asthma

Original post on Anonymous Asthma

Most of this blog focuses on asthma, asthma awareness or research I am involved in but never really talks about who I am as a person.

So who is the person behind the asthma. I decided to do something different and posted to my social media questions that people want me to answer here but a brief overview.

I am 34 years old from Scotland (not Cornwall despite the odd accent). I come from a large convoluted family and have one sister and 4 brothers. I went to uni to study sports science and then on to study nursing. I had a career as a renal nurse until I had to give that up. I love sport and have played many sports over the years. Golf, lacrosse, football, rugby, hockey and used to run. I have played lacrosse for Scotland, been assistant manager for the Scotland Women’s Senior team, goalie coach for the U19 Scotland Women’s Team and coach at various schools and clubs. I played golf at county level at school and then just club level before a break 5 years ago where my club lay dormant. I also ran the Edinburgh half marathon in 2 hours back in 2012.


Questions from social media!

What is your fave drink? (Alcoholic and non alcoholic)?

  • Vin Chaud (on the ski slopes)
  • Apple Juice

If you could have a dinner party with 3 people (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

  • Neil Armstrong- he has spoken some of the most famous words in history
  • Walt Disney- who doesn’t love a Disney movie!
  • Anja Parson- the ski racer I looked up to when I was racing

What is your favourite holiday?

  • Skiing in the French Alps

What do you personally do to keep well which may help others?

  • Listen to my body and try and adapt my day to fit my symptoms and not get disappointed when I have to rearrange things. Better to rearrange than push through and not enjoy it.

If you had to choose one sport what would it be?

  • Skiing- it is my life. If my asthma didn’t get in the way I would still be a ski instructor

Are you a morning person?

  • Always a morning person!!!!

If you could only wear one colour what would it be?

  • Blue (for Scotland)

Favourite type of book?

  • A good crime series

Favourite book?

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Favourite music? A song you cant avoid singing when it comes on the radio

  • Pulse by Melissa Etheridge

Do you listen to any podcasts?

  • A Question of Sport and then some mindfulness ones

Explain your love of penguins!

  • Not sure. Always loved going to see them at the zoo when I was younger as they did the penguin parade. Laterally because my nickname stems from a penguin.

How do you fill those days when you physically cant do much?

  • I try to find things that I love and ways to be involved in what I love even though I cant do it. Also I am determined to use my experience of having awful asthma to help others deal with theirs or researchers and medics to understand it better.

Who has been your best caregiver, friend, person who is always there for you?

  • My Mum
  • My brother Nick
  • Best mate Jenni

Who inspires you?

  • My late Uncle who really lived his life to the full and showed that through hard work and determination you can achieve your dreams.

If you could have a theme song for your life what would it be?

  • I believe I can fly by R Kelly. The lyrics really resonate with me.

What brings you joy?

  • Being able to go to bed knowing I have accomplished something that day even if it is a little thing.

If you could interview one historical figure who would it be?

  • Nelson Mandela- to go through what he did in his life is awe inspiring.

With what you know now what would you tell your younger self?

  • You might not be able to do the things you want to in the manner you want but with determination you can still be involved, you just need to look at alternative ways.

Something about your involvement in sport?

  • I love sport and with my asthma I was not prepared for sport to walk out my life so I have found new ways to still be involved without actually playing sport. I am more involved in lacrosse now then I was or ever would be if I was still playing.