Dara Kurtz

North Carolina

It’s been 5 years since Dara heard those terrifying words, “You have breast cancer.” At the time, she was 42, and her kids were 11 and 14. After going through the long treatment plan, she found herself not sure what to do with the fear that followed her around like her shadow. Dara did a lot of work on herself, figured out “how to thrive after you survive,” and now helps people all over the world. Dara is the creator of Crazy Perfect Life, an inspiring website with over 175,000 followers. She’s the author of Crush Cancer, the book she needed when she was diagnosed, and speaks regularly around the country leading Crush Cancer, Thrive and Self Care Workshops.

She also has a Podcast: The THRIVE Podcast with Garth and Dara. Audiences connect with Dara’s down to earth personality and love the energy and inspiration she brings. Dara lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughters and loves walking in the woods, practicing yoga and spending time with family and friends.