Dawn Morgan

Chronic Illness, MS
Washington DC

Dawn Morgan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was 25 years old. Little did she know two decades later she would become a bold patient leader, podcaster, and advocate. Dawn is the cohost of the Myelin & Melanin podcast where Dawn and her cohost interview patients, well known MS specialists, award winning authors, musical artists, actors, and vloggers who are themselves living with MS, or have a unique perspective on the condition and its community. With over 45,000 unique podcast downloads she strives to spotlight the varied and often unheard voices of those within the MS community. Throughout her journey, Dawn’s work has led her to be part of patient advisory committees, an advocate for women’s health overall, partner to Shift MS and Healthline. Dawn has also been featured in publications such as Well+Good, WebMD, Momentum, and Brain & Life, and MS International Federation global face of MS YouTube campaign. Despite her diagnosis she feels that MS has made her a better and stronger person. Dawn is dedicated to using her platform to amplify the many voices of MS.