Iraklis Kourtis, PhD

Chronicles Health, Inc.

Dr. Iraklis Kourtis is an innovation-driven biomedical engineer (Swiss Institute of Technology, ETH) with over 15 years of experience in human-factors design, pharma industry, healthtech startups, and entrepreneurship. Iraklis has founded and co-founded numerous companies, including Hyalex Orthopaedics, which secured a total of $33M in series A funding. More recently, inspired by his own experience living with Crohn’s disease, he co-founded Chronicles, a digital health startup, to empower patients living with inflammatory bowel disease and revolutionize management and treatment of the condition. He is constantly assessing gaps and unmet needs to improve the quality of life of patients. He is an expert in digital health, bioengineering, drug delivery and physiology, and medical device development. He is a proud dad of two, a marathoner, and a tech gear junkie, and is happiest when outdoors.