Jeiran Otmishi

New York, New York

Jeiran Otmishi brings over 25 years of pharma and biotech experience from both the client and services sides. Jeiran’s background includes leadership of a multibillion-dollar Pfizer franchise, oversight of multiple successful launches, driving worldwide government adoption of a healthcare policy treaty, and P&L ownership of a 120-person integrated healthcare communications Havas agency.

As a co-founder of Rumi Edge consultancy, Jeiran’s current focus is empowering mission driven, commercial excellence. Prior to joining the services side, Jeiran spent 15 years on the client side. Her decade in Pfizer’s marketing organization encompassed experience throughout a variety of brands to include worldwide launches of Revatio, Chantix/Champix, and leadership of Lyrica across its full cross-functional, multi-indication portfolio. Among Jeiran’s most meaningful contributions to the healthcare industry was her involvement in the development and execution of Pfizer’s global tobacco control policy plan through private and public health sector engagement. The staggering results included the commitment by 172 governments around the world to WHO’s healthcare treaty to make the treatment of nicotine dependence available to their populations.

Jeiran graduated with a bachelor’s in Mathematics and a master’s in Medical Sciences in addition to Business Administration. She was born in California and has lived and worked in Iran, the UK, China, and the US. Jeiran has lived in New York City for the past 20 years. She currently resides in Tribeca with her husband, Duke, and AussiePoo, Rumi (named after the Persian poet).