John Wilcox

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on his ninth birthday, John sees diabetes as an opportunity, rather than a disability, to empathize with those who have chronic illness and provide solutions to fellow diabetics.

Having completed diabetes research projects within the Yale School of Medicine and Florida State University, paired with his extensive network in the JDRF, AdvaMed, and the American Diabetes Association, John leads the overall operations of Diatech, a medtech startup that implements innovative solutions to enhance and empower the lives of patients, families, and communities impacted by diabetes. Diatech is currently developing the world’s first intelligent insulin pump infusion set system. Through AI, SmartFusion can understand the infusion habits of the user and suggest when to change sites and replace the infusion set, helping them get more out of their disposables.

John’s leadership, vision, and personal insight into diabetes care is crucial for Diatech’s successful development of patient focused technology. His connection to Diatech’s product is not only based on issues he has personally faced with his insulin pump technology, but also based on the problems seen by peers within the diabetes community.