December 12, 2019

Tools to Thrive: Running for T1D Management and Entrepreneurship

Many of us, including myself, face the difficulty of keeping blood sugar levels elevated during sessions of intense activities like running. Yet, if practiced correctly, running can be an awesome therapy for the physical and mental health of those in the #T1D community.

Insulin keeps me alive, but it isn’t the only therapy I use to manage my diabetes. I combine my prescribed insulin regimens with running in order to optimize my blood sugar. By committing time in my weekly schedule to running, I see drastic improvements in my blood sugar levels and I require fewer boluses of insulin, simply because I have fewer instances of hyperglycemia.

Let’s talk specifics: on a day that I want to run, I will be sure to have a pre-run snack like a banana to ensure that I don’t go low. Also, I always share my route with my girlfriend, so she knows where I am while I run around. Lastly, I find an awesome playlist that has my favorite tunes, specifically songs by Chance the Rapper. After making the appropriate preparations, I hit the road and begin feeling the benefits physically and mentally. Having the opportunity to exercise clears my head, reduces my stress, increases my cardiovascular health, and regulates my blood sugar. All of these benefits are super important to take advantage of as a patient entrepreneur managing both a chronic disease and a business.

You don’t need to hit the ground running, though (no pun intended)! Walking and jogging are also great starts, just as long as you get moving! These types of exercises can drop blood sugar levels fast, so supplementing your running with healthy snacks and meals is crucial. Be sure to check out some articles (below) if you’re interested in running with #T1D. Remember, don’t let type 1 stop the run!

Check out John’s recommended resources on running and T1D, with an addition from Lyfebulb Ambassador Christel Oerum of Diabetes Strong:

1) https://beyondtype1.org/a-runners-guide-to-t1d/

2) https://www.runnersworld.com/nutrition-weight-loss/a20834290/how-to-fuel-for-a-long-run-with-type-1-diabetes/

3) https://diabetesstrong.com/started-running-type-1-diabetes/