Jon Durham

Evans, NY

Jon is the creator of CROHNIC, a startup that shares messages of invisible conditions through design. Living with IBD since 2010 and a Rare Disease since 2017, Jon found few answers within standard medicine for relief or treatment; seeing over 40 different specialists during that time, most of whom discounted those reported symptoms as drug-seeking behavior. This constant need to advocate for the health and living conditions within his own body became personal. It wasn’t only doctors or nurses with these unsolicited opinions—it was family and friends too. A deep rooted passion for branding and design along with seeing this need in a seemingly underserved community, which included himself, was the inspiration to launch this project. CROHNIC was created to open the dialogue around [in]visible illnesses for patients, advocates, and everyone. Based in Buffalo, NY, CROHNIC is prioritizing giving back to the community it serves through social programs and non-profit work. CROHNIC is every day.