Krystal Laferriere


Krystal is the co-founder of a cannabis health & wellness company, Kanabé Goods Co. After a long battle of being sick and overlooked, she was diagnosed with severe fistulizing Crohn’s disease in 2010. Her disease was presenting in atypical symptoms making it very hard to pinpoint, and after years of sickness and weight loss, her intestine was so damaged it resulted in many trips to the ER. With that, high doses of opioids and prednisone were the norm while waiting for a resection surgery. After the procedure, Krystal had been looking for balance in her life with the main goal being remission. She discovered medical cannabis was a great alternative to prescription pain medicine, and aided with the anxiety of dealing with a chronic illness. In 2016, she began making cannabis infused balms and oils to rub directly on pain points, or ingest as an alternative to smoking, and was able to use her personal marijuana license to develop these products that otherwise would not be found in regulated markets. These non-intoxicating methods of using cannabis spurred the idea that it can be used for health and wellness in everyday life; the same as taking a vitamin or using a muscle rub. She wanted to enable others suffering from IBD and other chronic illnesses the same relief she found with cannabis, thus Kanabé Goods Co. was born. Kanabé is bringing cannabis topicals, tinctures, and capsules to market with Canadian cannabis legalization in 2018 focusing on health and wellness rather than intoxication. Krystal’s hope is to empower others to be an advocate for their own health and wellness. She aims to educate on the benefits that cannabis products can offer as an add-on to traditional therapies for IBD.