Sarah Rathsack

Cleveland, OH

Sarah has lived with migraine her entire life. After watching her mom and grandmother fight migraine, she had her first attack at age 5. Her journey has continued the rest of her life turning from episodic to chronic as an adult.  After staying at home with her 2 small children, she found her voice through My Migraine Life several years ago. It has grown into a powerful advocacy blog.

My Migraine Life documents how migraine affects everyday life. Her stories and information shed light on how migraine is more than a headache and all that is involved with living with it. Sarah shares her life as a mom, teacher, and dog, food and travel lover. Her quest for health is seen everywhere from products, therapies, self-care, to ways to advocate and how to help yourself and others. Sarah’s positivity offers hope while her honesty is felt.  Her advocacy can be seen at Miles for Migraine events throughout the county. She also partners with American Migraine Foundation, Shades for Migraine and Healthline. Her mission is to lessen stigma, build community and raise funds to change the lives of migraine sufferers and families around the world.  She can be reached through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.