February 12, 2021

Migraine Lyfebulb Ambassadors: Connecting Patients Like Me

Originally posted on MyMigraineLife

I wanted to write about this experience for so long. But honestly, I’ve had trouble getting my thoughts around our round table discussion and how much changed. In reality, I feel bonded with these people in a way I could have never expected. To this day (almost a full year later) I still have not been to another in-person migraine event. I haven’t hugged any patients like me and we all need a hug!

At our workshop, I connected with patients like me and their care partners.  No one in the room felt alone in their migraine journey. “Lyfebulb believes that including patients and their care partners at the beginning of the innovation cycle is the best way to get to the solutions required to market at scale.” First, we discussed pain points and insights in the migraine community. Then, we brainstormed in all different directions.

We tried to solve the challenging problems which come with chronic diseases.  It felt like sitting in a room with strangers and by the end we were hugging and I missed these people as I flew home. By connecting with patients like me and caregivers, we were different yet the same and above all, wanting to do something about migraine. 2 weeks later my school shut down and life as we all knew it screeched to a halt.

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