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Lyfebulb Live with IBD Ambassador Iraklis Kourtis: Going from Patient to Entrepreneur

Kourtis explained that IBD doctors try to tune medication for better outcomes, but intermediary points to connect the loop are missing. He says that there is no actual continuous flow of data.


There has been some controversy around the disease categories IBD and IBS, and I wanted to address it with a commentary from someone who has been in these kind of discussions across the life sciences field.

Why IBDLyfe Means So Much to Me

My story begins in 2011, when my then 13-year-old son first entered the children’s hospital for complications …

“You Don’t Look Disabled”

“Disability is not a bad word. It is not offensive. We should not be afraid of it.”

Disability Makes Me Feel Colorful

“Personally, my disability was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It is difficult. It is painful. It is exhausting.”

Overcoming Medical Trauma with IBD

“I remember trying to explain that I wasn’t feeling well and then downplayed it for just being tired because I’m used to doing that.”

The call of disease

The call you will likely hear resound when illness comes is a battle cry. Fight. Beat. Kill or be killed. I heard this cry when disease came my way and I yelled back; “War.” I fought through. I muscled on. I battled. I steeled against. Put on a brave face

Inside the Patient Entrepreneur’s Mind: Jon Margalit

Managing a chronic illness is challenging, whether it is your own or a loved one’s. Starting and …

The Implications of Using CBD for Chronic Conditions: Here’s What We Know

Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating compound in cannabis, has become a popular alternative to pharmaceuticals. CBD users can …

Chronic Illness & Anxiety: A Chicken & Egg Scenario

Anxiety and depression are prevalent for those who suffer from chronic illness. In fact, one study found …