Chronic Illness  
 September 6, 2016

Unraveling the Pain

My sister Amber is back up at the Lyme treatment clinic with my mom, I’m sad that I can’t be with her so I am sharing a photograph I created of her last time we were in Reno with some of her thoughts to comfort myself and hopefully others in similar situations. Art therapy and appreciation for what she is enduring all in one. I highly recommend it for those who are looking to find relief and strength to carry on in the darkest of times no matter what medium you use, it helps to express yourself. A way to find the light.

Enjoy and stay strong and true to your journey my fellow healing souls. We are all in this together, all one.

 РAmanda Brauning

Amber Brauning

 Unraveling the Pain

Written by Amber Brauning

Unraveling the pain from years of an unexpressed universal love. The thoughts are generated but the words don’t match. I hold what feels like an ancient pain in my heart. A pain that has given me a feeling of hopelessness, contraction and fear. The heart holds onto the pain unable to express in words my true beautiful soul heart.

Time goes by and my words don’t come. The feelings are clear but remain unexpressed. My actions should speak louder than my words but often the actions are misunderstood or unnoticed. I remain powerless trapped in a world that doesn’t see my true seed of peace love and empathy. There is a reason I have been given the gift of feeling one way on the inside and the inability to express it to the world. Yet it remains a mystery that I know will soon be revealed.

I was recently guided into a deep meditation. Guided into the cave of my heart where the seed of peace lives. In the cave was a vivid image of a young girl malnourished naked and cowering down in the corner. She had no color in her skin and was dirty and animal like. She was afraid and spoke no words. She was joined by the present me who was glowing like an angel. I handed her a seed and told her I loved her.

She no longer needed to be afraid. She has been given the seed of peace and with that gift she was set free. Free from fear starvation and loneliness. Free to rejoin me and regain her strength. Free to shed her ancient tears but most of all to take back her power and step out of the dark and into the light.

Voice or no voice she is awakened and is welcomed out of the cave. As she emerges as do I.

Forever opened forever unraveled.