August 2, 2016

What can you create from your cancer experience?

What can you create from your cancer experience? Or what can you bring to your life as a result of your cancer experience? The results are endless.

Life is so crazy! If I hadn’t had so many life challenges and wasn’t committed to personal development, I wouldn’t have been able to create nearly as much as I did a result of my cancer experience.

My diagnosis came in 2012. Had that diagnosis come ten or fifteen years before that, I think I would have handled my cancer experience so much differently.

In the past I was this people pleasing perfectionist, who wouldn’t let anyone in and wanted everyone to think that I had the perfect life. So not true, because no one has a perfect life. We never know what goes on behind closed doors until we reveal them to ourselves first.

What I am leading to is if I had had my cancer experience long ago, before I opened up myself to others, realizing that we are all the same, I probably would have hid for about a year or two until I was fully healed. I wouldn’t have asked for help, support or exercised self-love and extreme self-care. I wouldn’t have been able to heal mentally and physically in the way that I did in 2012.

Our cancer experience, or any other life experience for that matter, is about opening ourselves up to others and letting them in.

I feel Blessed that at the time I had my cancer diagnosis, I was finally able to be in a place where I was ME. I was myself. I was open and honest and able to expose my vulnerabilities and my deepest truest self.

When I finally swallowed and processed my diagnosis, I was able to reach out to my friends and family and ask for support, reach out to my children’s teachers and ask them to look after my children, talk to my colleagues and tell them to take over for me while I took the time to heal.

By this time in my life I had retrained my brain to weed out all of the false beliefs and chatter that was in my mind, telling myself that I could handle this on my own. Those weren’t my voices, they were the voices of my past.

In opening up myself to others and exposing myself at one of the most vulnerable times of my life, I was able to access love, hope, faith and strength. I stood in awe at all of the love and support that came my way and how I was fully open to receiving it and it helped me created a better me for myself. It allowed me to be open and honest and create sustainable change which had a ripple effect in all areas of my life.

This whole path led me to seizing my dream of helping others help themselves. Shortly after my last surgery I stumbled upon coaching and before I knew it I was in training to become a life coach. Now I have a business called New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC with a niche in helping survivors and caregivers create New Beginnings in their lives during, through and after cancer.

So I ask you now. What can you create from your cancer experience? What are you hiding from or holding the door closed on? What is blocking you from letting others in? What would it feel like to give up control and let others in?

I could go on and on with the questions. The bottom line is that being open and real allows so much to come into your life. It creates a sense of peace and freedom.

If you are struggling to find your Who and how you can open yourself to letting others in, reach out to me so that we can work in partnership to creating “the more” in yourself and in your life that you have always been yearning for. You already have the answers, you just need a facilitator to help you create awareness and action steps toward your goals.

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