Chronic Illness  
 July 15, 2021

Black Disabled Artist Rana

Post from Uninvisible Podcast

Artist Rana Awadallah grew up surrounded by poverty, abuse, and trauma. Diagnosed with major depression and extreme anxiety at the age of 18, she always felt there was something “wrong” with her body. Then, at the age of 24 — after having dealt with chronic pain for a decade — she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both of her knees. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, PCOS, and possible endometriosis. Having not been taken seriously by loved ones or doctors for years, these diagnoses came as a validation. But they also signaled aggressive change. Because her pain prevented her from continuing work in her dream job (as a chef), these disabilities also created the opportunity to pursue art from home — something she’d had a passion and talent for her entire life. Within a year, she has created a thriving community of fellow Spoonies, inspiring them through her work. She’s taken on brand ambassadors, connected with leading lights in the patient advocacy community, and now…she’s ready to share her story. We are thrilled to welcome the lovely and kind Rana2.0 to Uninvisible Pod!

Rana Awadallah

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