Chronic Illness  
 February 2, 2016

Check, Check, Check

Every time I have issues with blood sugar than span more than one day, I pretty much know I have to start logging to help me tease out all the variables.

  • Did my fast-acting go bad? No.
  • How about my long-acting? No.
  • Am I eating too much fat and causing IR? Maybe.
  • Am I waiting enough between meals, or am I snacking too much (Totally guilty of snacking too much) [Note to self: stop eating so many almonds without bolusing]
  • Have I gained weight? (Yes – 5 lbs).
  • So my long-acting isn’t holding me steady anymore since I gained 5 lbs? (Bingo!) [Note to self – lose 5 lbs. stat]
  • Am I drinking too much coffee? (Always)
  • Am I stressed? (Most of the time, but I am working on it!)

So. Many. Variables.

It has come to my attention that a lot is expected of us diabetics on a daily basis:

  • Wake up – test your blood sugar. Check.
  • Correct or bolus for DP, or pre-bolus for breakfast. Check.
  • Test again before driving. Check.
  • Get to work. Test. Correct/ bolus for more coffee. Check.
  • Do work. Don’t forget to check! Check.
  • Drink water. Check.
  • Check BG. Check.
  • Lunch-time check. Bolus, wait, eat. Check.
  • Check in a couple of hours, correct if needed. Check.
  • Test before driving home, correct if needed. Check.
  • Check BG, pack snacks. water, take dogs for a walk. Check, check, check.
  • Make dinner. Check.
  • Check BG, bolus, wait, eat. Check.
  • 2 hr. pp reading? Check. Correct for extra fat/protein? Check.
  • Clean kitchen, make lunch for next day. Check.
  • Bedtime BG? Check.
  • Wake up in the middle of the night? Check BG. Check.
  • That was at least 13 checks and adjustments in a “regular” day.
  • Next morning – do it all over again. Every day.

That’s what my days look like – and that’s just a regular day – one that is not hindered by stubborn highs or nasty lows or any additional stresses. The good news is that if my control is good, so is my mood, and the rest of the things in the day tend to be done with ease, maybe even motivated passion – at least the walking of the dogs 😉